My brother has stage 4 brain cancer and is at the end of his life and because of my paranoia from my PTSD he lost his closest friends, which are the only reason he fought his cancer.


the worst part is that he is one of the few people who knows and never connected the dots. This has happened twice. I told my friend I couldn’t watch it, My other friend was like ‘sure you can’ and I said “no, I really can’t.”

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First time i was raped, the way i got over it (.. for the most part) was that I went back to him and had sex with him agian, only, my rules, me in control, taking back my body from him. bizarrely enough people think this means i was lying about getting raped for the most part. it's generally guys with no history of abuse who get the "back in the saddle!" approach *shrugs*

It is almost impossible for people who have never experienced any type of abuse to understand what it does to our minds.  You just have to remember that the people who deny what you went through probably aren’t worth it.  You’ll find people who are supportive of you, no matter what.  Good luck with everything, dear :)

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hi... is it possible to get ptsd from nightmares? i have nightmares about being raped sometimes and i have problems with distinguishing reality from dreams a lot of the time so sometimes its hard to believe it didnt actually happen when im not thinking clearly...

I’ve never heard of a PTSD case that was specifically caused by nightmares, but I am sure it is possible.  Have you talked to anyone about this, love?

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I also follow youknowyouhavePTSDwhen it's a great blog. There are trigger warnings on posts, but the blog owner posts tons of great links on research and treatment and coping ideas plus lots of stuff I can relate to. I'm gonna tell the other blog owner about this blog as well so you two can promo each other :)

Thank you!  I’ll go check it out!

On the topic of telling your parent’s about your diagnosis

I’m in my 30’s.  I told my abusive mother about my diagnosis and said I wanted distance because I still don’t think she has changed at all. She flipped because “I’m so cruel and insensitive, trying to make her feel guilty for things that are “ancient history” and unlike me, she chooses to not “dwell in the past.”  She would like me to believe our family “had problems in the past” but now, according to her, everyone is “doing fine” and I’m the only one in the family who thinks anything is a problem ever.  According to her “She made mistakes in the past, but she was still a good mom.”

Fair enough, let’s leave the past alone and talk about the present:

1)  I have PTSD and am in therapy again
2)  One of my siblings moved across the country and drinks every day and does not deny he has a drinking problem.
3)  My other sibling has traumatic brain injury, been suicidal, and off and on homeless and refuses our help because he prefers homelessness to having anything to do with this family.
4)  Almost all of us are out of our 20’s now and this is my mom’s definition of “fine.”  I’m still angry at not just what has happened with me, but my siblings who I cannot help because I have to take care of myself, and they have to take care of themselves, and she does not give a damn.

A round of applause please for my mother everyone, while she accepts her Parent of The Year Award for raising “well-adjusted perfectly fine” adults.

A note for the younger crowd on this blog:  If your abuser talks about your abuse this way and doesn’t accept responsibility, they have not changed so be weary.  It’s not your fault and you don’t have to make them change or keep explaining your pain to them.

Pretty much life when I was still living with my abusive mother.